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Once An Indian And An American Both Were Friends.

They Both Went Into A Chocolate Store.

Everybody Is Busy In The Store So American Steal 3 Chocolates And Put Those In The Pocket.

Both Came Out From The Store Then American Said: “Man, I’m The Best Thief Ever, I Stole 3 Chocolates And No One Saw Me, You Can’t Beat That.”

Indian Replied: “This Is Nothing, You Wanna See Something Better, Lets Go Back To The Shop And I Will Show You Real Stealing.”

So They Went To The Counter And Indian Said To The Shop Boy: “Do You Wanna See Magic?”

Shop Boy Replied: “Yes, Of Course.”

Indian Said: “Give Me One Chocolate Bar.”

Shop Boy Gave Him One, And He Ate It.

Indian Asked For The Second, And He Ate That As Well.

Indian Asked For The Third, And Finished That One Too.

The Shop Boy Asked: “But Where Is The Magic?”

Indian Replied: “Check In My Friends Pocket, And You’ll Find Them.”

You Can’t Beat An Indian.

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English Funny Status


If You Feel Overloaded With Work, Immediately Go To To The Nearest

“Biological Anxiety Relief” (Bar) Center & Place Order For Any One Or More Of The Following Antidotes.

1. Work Isolating Neutralizing Extract (WINE)

2. Radioactive Un-Work Medicine (RUM)

3. Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER)

4. Vaccino Officio Depression Killing Antigen (VODKA)

This Is Issued In Public Interest By “Buddies For Eradication Of Work Disease Association (BEWDA)”

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English Funny Status

Bad Memory”

Wife At Night: “Tell Me How Much Did Sachin Score In 2003 World Cup Against Pakistan?”

Husband: “98, Why?”

Wife: “Now Tell Me Why You Didn’t Wish Me For My Birthday Since Morning?”


Husband: “I Couldn’t Even Say I Have A Bad Memory”

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English Funny Status

Message Sent

Girl: “Hi, Baby”

Boy: “Hi, My Lovely”……………………………………> Sending Failed

Girl: “Are You There?”

Boy: “Yes, Yes I Am Here”…………………………….> Sending Failed

Girl: “Are You Ignoring Me Or What”

Boy: “Honey I Am Not, I Am Right Here”……………> Sending Failed

She: “It’s Sooo Over! Don’t Ever Talk To Me Again”

Him: “Damn! Go To Hell”……………………………….> Message Sent

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English Funny Status

No One Standing Behind Me“

Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem.

Santa: “When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows Star Star Star Star, What Is That Joke?”

Help Desk: “Dear, Those Stars Are To Protect You, So That If A Person Standing Behind, He Can’t Read Your Password”

Santa: “Yeah Okay, But Stars Appear Even When There Is No One Standing Behind Me“

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