I read our old messages🤪
I laugh🤪
Then i cry🙃

You know something is wrong, when you can’t remember the last time you were truly happy…

Missing someone who’s passed away is a whole different type of heartache

😢I know I don’t wear a Redbat n I know I don’t wear DH 😭but am I not a person??don’t I deserve to be loved like those who have them??I know I don’t have the expensive things😟yeah I know I am broke😿but the question is don’t I have the same heart as everyone??you might even find that mine is filled with more love than those who wear expensive things😊I don’t have those clothes to travel with because am poor n broke😲so am I not a person???
This question is for poor people like me💔asking those who thinks having fancy things is an achievement

•I drown in tears my heart is crying no one seems to notice that my soul is dying😪💔

Remember when you stayed up till 3am talking to someone? Where are they now?
You should have just slept

“I’m slowly learning to not waste time on people who fail to see my worth”

she is afraid because the last man who promised her, left.

sometimes i say “bye”
just to hear “don’t go”

;but i received “ok bye”

It’s hard to be just friends with someone you fell in love with

Sometimes, ignoring your pain will fail, That no matter how you try to look okay, deep inside you break down.

It’s hard to see people change, specially when u miss the way they treated u before.

This isn’t a game but you played my feelings pretty well.