When you say sorry to your friend it does not mean you are wrong,
it means that you value the love and
the relationship you with your friend more than being right.
So sometime we say sorry even if we are right.

When they say two head are better than one,
it doesn’t mean any two heads combined are better than one.
When you get attached to a wrong head you will discover that is bitter not better.

When a woman leaves a man of vision and follows a man of television,
she watch the man of vision in the television.
Luxeries can marry you off to a man but love will send you
but becs love doesn’t work with luxeries.

Turned out you need to be attractive for people to like you

“Nature has a nostalgic mood that can capture your soul,
that can make you feel that you had lost something
but you don’t know what is this thing.”

Lack of communication skills destroyed lots of relationships

It is better to make mistakes than to Fake perfection

To success in life… You need two things…
Ignorance and Confidence…

You deserve to be happy
don’t let anyone make you forget that 🙂

End=effort never dies,
No=next opportunity,
Fail=first attempt in learning.
So, be positive and think positive throughout your life..☺

One thing I know for sure, is when ever life gives you something it has to take back something in return !
For me I’m confused what do I have to pay for what I got?
Or did the price is already paid?
Did I lost 3 years of my life for the sake of this moment?
Or do I have to pay more?
I’m lost in doubt, I’m damn sure that nothing comes for free !
This past years I don’t feel like I paid for a return, I was only paying for my mistakes and where I put my self into before!
So how am I gonna pay now?
What else do I got left to give?
Maybe this time I’ll pay for the only thing that I got left…

Some come to your life as a blessing;
some to your life as a lesson.
Keep the blessing and learn from the lesson.🤍🍁🐾

Dear Men
If you are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, or any other mental health condition, there is no shame in speaking up. There is no shame in seeking help. Your feelings matter.

It’s okay to not be okay.

All relationships have problems.
It just depends if you two are strong enough to get through them together.