May this New Year bring happiness in our lives. Happy New Year 2021″

All relationships have problems.
It just depends if you two are strong enough to get through them together.

*When a man cheats, the relationship continues. But when a woman cheats, the relationship ends.* *Why?*

If u escaped from trouble, trouble will not escape from you
it’s not a prayer but a fact

Don’t worry about the failures
worry about the chances that you
loss when you don’t even try.

Never attack another lady for Your boyfriend’s stupidity.
If he knew Your worth, he would have respected
You enough not to include a 3rd party in Your relationship.🤷‍♂️😌❤

When you hear a bad story about me,
understand that there was a point in time
when i was good to those people too
and they wont tell you that.

Run after your Destiny….Nobody gets a degree by
mistake, nobody wins the Olympic’s by accident,
success is always intentional. If you run after your
destiny you will automatically distance yourself
from your history. If you run after what is in front
of you, you will escape what is behind you. LIFE is
not a love affair it doesn’t have to be fair…if they
don’t believe in you today they will catch up later
in the future … don’t stop running after your
Destiny- to beg anybody to love you back ,calling
you, caring about you, supporting you, coming to
see you… before anybody can make you give up
on your Destiny I want you to remember Destiny is
personal. Stop trying to fix what is behind you
because you will never be able to fix it but you
can fix your future. Get up and keep running after
your destiny, you may have to walk alone loyalty is
rare on this journey and real situations will expose
fake people to you, you may get there hurting,
bleeding, broken but get there anyway. Your
destiny is greater than your Pain…Just Don’t

Never put Temporary people in the Permanent
place of your Life, and don’t be afraid of
Removing the Wrong People from the Right
Place of your Life. If it’s your Life then it’s
your Right. Be Bold to take any Decision
concerning your Life. If they call it Pride, tell
them it’s principles. No matter the Economy
of the Jungle, Lions will never eat Grass.
Even if Education is Free, a Rat will never go
to the same School with a Cat. You cannot go
anywhere with Negative people. Negative
people are like Cars without Fuel and Engines.
You can only sit in them, but they will NEVER
take you anywhere. You can’t Change what
you see until you Learn from what you see. Be
careful who you Open up to. Only a few
people Care. The rest just Want to have
Something to Gossip about. Some people
come into your Life like a Dark Storming
Night. When the Storm is Over and the Sun
Rises it Becomes a Beautiful Day. Make
Beautiful Days in your Life by Removing the
“Storms” in your Life. May Almighty God be
with you, guide and protect you in the hand of
your physical and spiritual enemies.
Weak people Revenge, Strong people forgive
while intelligent people ignore.

No love, No breakup, No stress, No tension.

Being single is always cool

“Strange, isn’t?
You know yourself better than anyone else yet you crumbled at the words of someone who hasn’t even lived a second of your life The world is filled with people who think they know you Listen to no one else’s voice but yours.”

I’m that type of person who just keeps quiet if someone hurt me. I don’t usually talk too much and tell them their mistakes. I just keep quiet and let them realize that they did something wrong. I don’t get mad easily but when I get mad, expect already that I will not talk to you nor sit beside you I want to distance myself from you I will not talk to you or say anything.

*The relationship between fish and water makes me believe that
betrayal is real when I see water participating in cooking the fish*