Motivating when you are no longer have courage

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Opportunities will knock on your door every morning.
But if you keep sleeping they will simply pass you by.
Good morning

Everything in life is temporary.
So when things are going wrong,
be patient and don’t worry.
Everything will change for the better.

Give yourself to the Lord trust in him
and he will help you;
he will make your righteousness shine
like the noonday sun.

If yU dOn’t fiGht foR whAt yU Want,
dOn’t CrY foR whAt yU Lost

Have You Given God Praise??
It is not by mighty nor by power but by the Spirit of God.
God has allowed us to see the light of a new day, not because we deserve but because he loves us.
Many people have breathed their last breath last night and their bodies are waiting to be buried, some have been robbed of their health and have resulted in being hospitalized.
Do u still need anymore reason to exalt and praise God this morning? ??
Join me in this prayer of praise
Father in the name of Jesus,
I want to thank you for allowing me to see the light of a new day. Thank you for loving me and please forgive me of all my sins.
Invite you upon my life today and may your Spirit live in me today, helping me to read your word and stay connected in prayer.
Glory be to you forever in Jesus’ name I pray.
If you believe and have prayed with me just say AMEN

The only time life should tear you up is wen it’s beautiful.
Therefore there is no way we can survive as human beings
in the world without finding unity.

Yesterday is for memories
Tomorrow is an imagination
But today is real gift
have a pleasant day.
Good Morning

Enjoy little things for some you will look back and
realise they were the biggest things you ever had.

You are the first thought of every morning,
the best thought of each day and
the last thought of every night.

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

There Are Two Types Of Pain In This World. Pain That Hurts You. Pain That Changes You….

Happiness is not a choice, satisfaction is. Happiness is something that happens to you when you’re not seeking it. Just like love. It hits you like a wave in the most unexpected moments. Satisfaction is being happy with whatever you have even if it’s not exactly what you want now. Satisfaction is peaceful.

Dont be afraid to fall because of crack in your heart cause you’ll miss out on the one who is in front of you to fix it and show you how you should be loved.

This festive season is so much more than Christmas parties and gift giving.
May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this beautiful time.