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Music reaches a point where it is called old school.
Cars of the old are termed Vintages clothing lines reach a point where they are said to be out of Fashion. Technologies of the old they say it’s now obsolete.

Even food has a Best Before date, it expires. All things come to a point that they are considered to be useless and outdated. But I’m happy that there is a Man called JESUS who does not change with time, nor does He become obsolete.

The same Jesus who was preached by Paul is the same Jesus we preach today The GOD whom Abraham served is the same GOD whom we serve today.

Our GOD doesn’t change; He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. (Heb 13:8). WE HAVE A GREAT & AWESOME GOD WHO IS NOT CHANGED BY THE TIMES BUT HE IS THE ONE WHO CHANGES THE TIMES

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